Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape //
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Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

Alsyd Eabidin


It is frequent that we associate fats with diets of worse quality, a deteriorated health and a careless body, nevertheless, not all the fats are equal but some of them are necessary for our body and far from harming it, they benefit it inside and outside. Next, we show you six foods full of fats that can help you get in shape.

1. Avocado

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

The avocado is one of the few fruits full of fats, but it is also a good source of water, potassium, carotenes, vitamin E, fiber and vegetable proteins.

Thus, avocado satiates, has been linked to weight loss and better lipid profile in blood, therefore, can help us look better and also, to stay away from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, a type of fat that does not harm the body and along with the rest of its nutrients, has been shown to contribute to better quality diets and improvements in the health of our body.

2. Peanuts

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

The peanut is one of the foods of vegetable origin that concentrate more protein, but also, it is a source of fat and therefore, its energy intake is not less.

However, their fats are unsaturated and can benefit health by helping to satiate the body with good nutrients. In fact, consumed as a snack, can help prevent weight gain and obesity as concluded by a study published by the University of Houston.

Therefore, we can consume a handful of peanuts between meals to calm the appetite, reduce anxiety and better control later intakes. In this way, we will be able to obtain help to achieve a healthy weight and also benefit aesthetics.

3. Bluefish

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

They are one of the few foods of animal origin concentrated in fats that can protect the health and help you look better because among their fats predominate omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that our body cannot synthesize.

Thus, its intake once or twice a week can favor the care of the body both inside and outside and their fats have been linked to a higher percentage of lean mass and less body fat and lower risk of metabolic diseases.

In addition, it can reduce the levels of cortisol in blood or what is the same, lessen the effects of stress on our body.

4. Nuts

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

Nuts are, like other nuts, great allies at the time of being in shape, as they are rich in polyphenols with antioxidant effect, potassium, magnesium, good fats, vegetable protein, and fiber.

A consumption of 30 grams (a handful) a day can induce the release of serotonin in the body and cause metabolic changes associated with lower abdominal fat.

Therefore, nuts can be a good way to add nutricosmetics to the diet as well as beautify us on the outside, protect our health and keep us away from diseases by helping us live longer and better.

5. Dark chocolate

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

Chocolate has always had a bad reputation, but the reality is that if we chose to consume chocolate with a high degree of purity, we would always obtain benefits.

In fact, dark chocolate has been associated with lower body weight, is a source of polyphenols with antioxidant effect on our body, and also, is a food that can improve our mood, therefore, is a great resource when we seek to feel better and change our physical appearance.

Likewise, dark chocolate has other benefits, but because it is a high-calorie food with substances that stimulate the central nervous system such as theobromine, it is recommended not to consume more than 30 grams each day.

6. Olive oil

Six Fat-Filled Foods That Can Help You Stay In Shape

Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, is an excellent source of antioxidants and concentrates a large proportion of fats but these are of good quality and are one of the best alternatives when cooking.

Olive oil can not only embellish us with its polyphenols but also represents an aid to lose weight despite having 99.9% of fats like other vegetable oils.

Also, for its components extra virgin olive oil is a food that can promote health, helping to reduce the risk of suffering from overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and others such as cancer.

These six fat-filled foods that can help you stay in shape and look better show that we must look beyond the calories of food and analyze well the type of nutrients that offer energy since not all fats are the same.