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How to find an international business major that is perfect for you

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Finding the right international business major can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start. There are plenty of options available to those interested in studying international business and a variety of programs that can lead you to the school or program that is best for you.

International Business Management Degree

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you
International Business Management Degree

You may want to consider an international business management degree. To help you decide, this guide outlines the different types of international business management degrees, what coursework is, and the career outlook and salary information for professionals in the field. This guide also allows you to rank schools that are top in the field.

What is an international business management degree?

  1. An international business management degree is essentially a major in the operation and management of business in a global context.
  2. Students in an international business management degree program learn about the importance of international trade, foreign investment, and multinational enterprise.
  3. They may also be prepared to work as managers or specialists with international firms, government agencies, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations.
  4. International business management degree programs also include courses in other subjects such as finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and strategic planning.
  5. The courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in their careers.
  6. Additionally, students are expected to become involved in research projects through which they can gain hands-on experience with real world scenarios.
  7. Many top colleges and universities offer an international business management degree program at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

International business management degree types

  1. Certificate in International Business
  2. Undergraduate Certificate in International Business
  3. Associate of (A.A.) in International Business
  4. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Business
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in International Business
  6. Undergraduate Professional Degree Program in International Business
  7. Master of Arts (M.A.) in Global Affairs and Management
  8. Master of Public Administration (MPA) in International Economic Policy
  9. MPA/MA in Economics and Economic Development
  10. Master of Science (M.S.) in Global Affairs

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in International Management Takeaway: These are some international business management degree options for your consideration.

International business management coursework


  • A course on business law is often required.
  • Many programs offer courses on negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • You can take courses in marketing, management and finance.
  • Courses in ethics are frequently part of the program.
  • You can learn about marketing and international branding.
  • You can take courses in global human resources management.
  • You may be able to specialize in an area such as finance or marketing.

Career outlook for international business management professionals

 The field of international business and management is one that is rapidly growing, with many companies looking to expand their operations in the near and long-term future.

The opportunities are there for people who graduate with an international business degree. International business professionals are in high demand across the globe, especially in countries that are booming economically.

An international business degree can lead to many career options, from working as a consultant or analyst to opening your own business. Some of these jobs will require additional education or training, but with a bachelor's degree you'll have more opportunities than if you didn't have any college experience at all.

There will be more job openings than graduates with international business degrees, and those opportunities are often in growing fields like IT or marketing.

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Where do international business management graduates work?

When you have an international business management degree, there are plenty of opportunities for a successful career.

Start with the skills. An international business management degree gives you the tools you need to succeed in this field. You'll learn how to handle finances, negotiate contracts and manage employee relations—skills that will make you valuable to your company right off the bat.

Build your network. You'll also gain access to an international network of alumni who can help guide you through the process of finding a job or internship abroad. They may even be able to connect you with a position at their own company!

Attend alumni events. Attending alumni events allows you to meet other graduates who have pursued careers abroad and get their advice on how best to do it yourself. You can also use these events as an opportunity to practice your networking skills by introducing yourself and asking questions about their experiences abroad.

Consider internships. Internships are another great way to gain experience before starting a full-time career as an international business manager. Not only will they give you valuable hands-on experience in the field, but they'll also give employers something more concrete than just a transcript when evaluating candidates for full-time positions later on down the line."

How much do international business management graduates earn?

International business management graduates enjoy a higher starting salary than their counterparts with other business degrees. The average annual salary for international business management graduates is $47,828, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

That’s approximately $3,000 more than the national average for all bachelor’s degree holders and $5,000 more than the average starting salary for all workers with no postsecondary education.

The highest-paying jobs for international business managers are at multinational corporations or in consulting firms that work with large companies. If you want to make more money after graduating, these are good places to start looking.

But your career path doesn’t have to be limited to giant corporations. You can also find opportunities in government agencies that focus on international trade and development, such as the U.S. Department of Commerce or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, there are many small businesses out there that operate internationally or across borders. It’s just a matter of choosing what kind of company interests you most — whether it’s working with big corporations or helping small businesses enter new markets abroad.

Top schools for international business management degrees

 The best international business schools offer a wide range of courses, programs and degrees that can prepare you for a career in global commerce. These schools offer the most robust international business management degrees, such as MBAs and other graduate degrees.

The top schools for international business management are located throughout the United States and Europe. The most popular cities for international business students include London, New York City, Boston and Paris.

Some of the most prestigious universities for international business management include:
  1. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
  2. Thunderbird School of Global Management (Thunderbird)
  3. IE Business School (Spain)
  4. International Business School of Barcelona (EADA)
  5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross School of Business)
  6. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  7. Hult International Business School-Boston Campus (Hult)
  8. Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington (Kelley)**

All businesses in today's world depend on technology, but international companies are especially reliant on information and communication systems to survive

Master's in International Business

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you

Many people don't know what international business refers to. Ireland is a great place to explore the international business world as there is no sales tax, which is really a nice perk for working here. If you want to work internationally, earning your master's in international business is a great place to start:

What is international business?

  1. International business is a field that works with business activities and operations across national borders.
  2. International business programs cover topics such as global trade, marketing, finance, organizational behavior and strategy.
  3. Some schools have separate international business departments, while others integrate international business into a broader MBA program.
  4. The economics, political science, history and languages of multiple nations are important to the study of international business.
  5. Business people with a background in international markets often must learn how to manage remote teams and serve customers in other countries.
  6. An online degree in international business could be an excellent option for students who are trying to balance school and work.
  7. Online degrees can help you make it possible to fit your education in with other responsibilities.

Pursuing an international business degree

Pursuing an international business degree can help you get ahead in the workplace. An international business course of study is designed to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in the global economy.

Students who pursue a bachelor's degree in international business learn how to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of different investment opportunities. They also learn how to plan, manage, and control business operations on an international scale. Students who earn an MBA can specialize in specific areas such as finance or marketing while gaining additional knowledge through elective courses offered by their university or online program.

Earning a degree in international business can be a great way to stay competitive and ensure career success. A bachelor’s degree in this field can help you land an entry-level position as an analyst or assistant manager. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can open the door to more senior roles such as regional or general manager, operations director, or senior analyst.

Masters in international business coursework

 An undergraduate degree in international business will provide you with the skills to work in a variety of industries. These include finance, marketing and accounting. Your coursework will cover topics such as global economics and management, international trade, foreign exchange rates and foreign currencies.

The coursework is designed to give students a solid foundation in business management and help them develop skills that are important for working internationally. You'll learn about different cultures, customs and languages associated with other countries. You'll also learn how to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds.

A major in international business offers good career prospects for graduates because many companies today have operations that span multiple countries or regions around the world. Employers often seek out candidates who have studied this subject because it provides them with a well-rounded background in business management and cultural understanding.

Skills gained in an MBA in international business program

 The MBA in International Business is a master's degree designed to prepare students for careers in international business, including global strategy and management. The degree arms students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully manage a modern global enterprise.

An MBA in International Business can be completed in as few as two years or as many as four years depending on your prior educational background.

The curriculum will focus on such topics as:

  • Business Analytics
  • International Marketing and Sales
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Communication
  • International Law and Ethics
  • Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
  • International Macroeconomic Policy

Jobs for graduates of an MBA in international business program

International business managers are responsible for the success of their company's international operations. They help execute day-to-day business practices in other countries, guide the development of new products and services for foreign markets, and manage the network of distributors, suppliers, and others who make up their company's supply chain.

For students interested in pursuing an MBA in international business or a master's in international business (MIB), there are many career options available to them. The following list provides a sample of some possible positions:

  • International brand manager: Responsible for developing new products designed specifically for foreign markets.
  • Finance manager: Oversees finances related to international operations.
  • Supply chain manager: Directs all aspects of production and distribution.
  • Sales manager: Manages sales staff who sell products or services abroad.
  • Account executive: Sells products or services directly to customers abroad.
  • Procurement manager: Directs procurement activities such as buying raw materials from suppliers in other countries or purchasing finished products from abroad for export back home.
  • Global marketing director: Oversees global marketing efforts for an organization that operates internationally by developing strategies and plans for marketing campaigns throughout different regions of the world where it does business; may also oversee product development initiatives that involve multiple regions outside those.......

Top schools for international business

  1. Purdue University Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University has been consistently ranked as one of the top universities for international business. 
  2. Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Located in California, The Middlebury Institute offers an impressive variety of graduate-level international business programs that are designed to help students get into top-level management positions at Fortune 500 businesses, government departments and NGOs. 
  3. College of William and Mary in Virginia, The College of William and Mary is a public college located in Williamsburg, Virginia. 
  4. USC Marshall School of Business Located at the University of Southern California, the Marshall School of Business has a reputation for having one of the strongest international business programs. 
  5. Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management has consistently ranked as one of the top 20 business schools in the nation. 
  6. These are some great schools if you want to study international business.

Courses for an International Business Major

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you

International Business Management

  1. The international business management degree is designed for students who want to work in a global environment.
  2. While completing an international business management degree, students will get theoretical and practical knowledge of key business concepts.
  3. While pursuing an international business management degree, students have the opportunity to take courses in finance, marketing, strategy, economics, law and more.
  4. Graduates of an international business management degree can start their career as a general manager or product specialist in a multinational corporation
  5. An international business management degree will prepare you to work in the retail sector as a buyer or purchasing manager.
  6. An international business management degree can prepare you to work as an import/export agent.
  7. Students who want to pursue an international business major should consider attending school in another country.
  8. Students who want to earn an international business major must be fluent in at least two languages.
  9. An international business major will provide students with advanced training in finance, trade and economics.
  10. As part of their training, students who earn an international business major can choose from classes that focus on human resources, global supply chain and ethical leadership at top schools for international business.

International Finance

  1. International business management programs are typically offered through international schools of business, and in some cases, international business departments within multicultural studies schools.
  2. Many international business programs also require students to study abroad, often for a semester or more.
  3. Students can usually choose to focus their study in a specific country, region or market of interest.
  4. Schools may also offer combined bachelor's degree/master's degree programs that help students complete the two degrees in less time than it would take to earn them separately.
  5. Some schools offer traditional 2-year master's degree programs that allow students to increase their knowledge about global business strategies, theories and processes.
  6. These skills are typically learned through courses like international business law, international finance, economics and marketing.
  7. There are numerous international business management degree programs offered at colleges and universities in the U.S.

International Trade

  1. This degree provides you with the opportunity to explore different economics and business theories, study overseas, and learn another language.
  2. Some of the courses you may take while earning your degree in international business are international law, management information systems, marketing, finance and accounting.
  3. With a degree in international business, you can pursue a career as an import/export agent, sales representative, compliance manager or even as an international market research analyst.
  4. International trade is regulated by complex legal frameworks in an effort to protect local businesses from foreign competitors and to help foreign firms establish themselves.
  5. Companies that operate internationally require managers who understand the nuances of working with different cultures, languages and customs.
  6. There are many top schools for international business across the country with programs focused on marketing, management and operations in global economies.
  7. An international business college education can lead to rewarding careers in global companies and organizations.

Marketing and Sales

  1. Through studying marketing courses in international business management, you will learn about aspects of international marketing and the role of marketing within a business.
  2. The marketing section of the course will look at topics such as strategic marketing, digital marketing, quantitative methods and more.
  3. In addition to the studies of international business management, the course also features sales modules.
  4. Sales is an essential part of a global business and can be one of its most significant revenue streams.
  5. These are just some of the top topics that may be studied in your international business management course with an emphasis on marketing and sales.
  6. You can earn an online International Business Management Degree with an emphasis on marketing and sales.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  1. Logistics and supply chain management, in simple words, is the management of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers.
  2. A logistician must evaluate the process from start to finish, which includes obtaining raw materials, production, packaging and delivery.
  3. To do this they will need to establish relationships with suppliers and select transportation routes.
  4. Effective supply chain management can manage costs and improve a company's reputation.
  5. A career in logistics and supply chain management can be very rewarding - professionals in this field have the opportunity to gain respect and recognition for their expertise in moving goods across borders.
  6. The International Business Program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of international business principles and practices as well as advanced analytic skills necessary for decision making in an increasingly complex global environment.
  7. The International Business Program offers a unique curriculum that emphasizes the strategic role of technology in driving business innovation worldwide.

Social Responsibility in Business

 Social responsibility in business is a concept that is increasingly popular among businesses, which are looking for ways to create a more sustainable and socially conscious business model. Social responsibility is a concept that has been around for many years, but recently it has become more prominent in the minds of business leaders.

Social responsibility in business can have an impact on the community and is required for many people. For example, if you are applying for a job with a company that takes social responsibility seriously, you will need to demonstrate that you are willing to give back to society. This could be done through volunteering or working with charities or NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

A business has the potential to be completely self-serving and only focus on making money without any concern for its impact on society. However, there are many companies today who are taking social responsibility seriously and are trying to make things better for everyone involved — including their employees and customers as well as those who live in their vicinity. This can include working towards reducing waste production or contributing towards environmental conservation efforts such as tree planting programs or recycling initiatives.

Global Management Strategies

International business degrees prepare students for careers in multinational corporations. An international business degree focuses on the international aspects of business, including global management strategies, cross-cultural differences and communication in the workplace, international marketing management courses, financial management in international businesses, international economic development and sustainability and international business policy and strategic planning.

An international business degree is a broad degree that prepares students to work with companies that operate in more than one country. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including finance, marketing and management as well as cultural differences between countries.

An international business degree can also prepare students for careers outside of large corporations such as consulting firms or government agencies that focus on foreign relations.

In addition to preparing graduates for careers in multinational corporations, an international business degree can also provide graduates with the knowledge needed to start their own businesses abroad.

International Economics

  1. International business majors learn to compare and contrast business theories, principles, and practices of various nations. They also gain expertise in economics, finance and management.
  2. International business schools can help prepare you for a rewarding career.
  3. An international business minor is available at many universities.
  4. A Master of Science (MS) in International Business can help you succeed in a global marketplace.
  5. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program can help you attain the knowledge needed to excel in international business.
  6. Global Entrepreneurship Programs (GEP) are designed to develop the skills necessary for starting a successful business.

Global Sourcing, Sustainability and Ethics

  1. Global sourcing deals with purchasing quality materials from global suppliers.
  2. Global sourcing has been growing and developing rapidly.
  3. Global sourcing enables companies to reduce their costs, thereby obtain a competitive advantage over their rivals.
  4. Global sourcing helps businesses respond to changes in the business environment, by developing new strategies and policies as required.
  5. Suppliers have to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget, or they will be replaced.
  6. Sourcing contractors ensure that their suppliers comply with the rules and standards of the organization.
  7. Organizations use good relationships with suppliers in order to negotiate prices.
  8. Global sourcing is an important practice for many organizations today.

This is what you will study in college if you major in international business

Bachelor's in International Business

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you

What is International Business?

  1. It’s a broad field of study covering human resources, finance, economics, marketing and logistics across a variety of industries.
  2. The educational track spans two-year associate degrees to PhDs, with programs ranging in length from six weeks to six years.
  3. Managers need global business skills such as overseas cultural awareness and understanding international risk management.
  4. International business programs are available at colleges, universities and in some high schools around the world.
  5. International business is an area of study in which students learn the nuances of conducting trade between countries and regions.
  6. Earning an international business degree can help prepare students for a variety of careers within the field, including human resource manager, marketing specialist and operations coordinator.
  7. There are many different paths to choose from when it comes to international business.

Why Study International Business?

  1. International business is a field that studies the global aspects of business.
  2. "Uncertain political climates, fluctuating currencies and cultural variances can all cause turmoil in the global business world," says Global Edge, an international business program from Michigan State University.
  3. "International business expertise can be a valuable asset to anyone who works with international clients or partners."
  4. International management programs aim to teach students about how to operate businesses across borders.
  5. A degree in international business can spark a range of different career fields.
  6. An IB management degree could also lead to a career in landing a consulting job.
  7. An international business degree offers a wide variety of career options in diverse fields.

Bachelor's of International Business Curriculum

First Year Course Descriptions:

  • Global Business World (1-3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Foreign Language I (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Foreign Language II (3 Credits)
  • International Business Seminar (2 Credits)
  • International Business (3 Credits)
  • Leadership in Organizations (3 Credits)
  • Marketing Foundations (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Accounting I (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Economics I (4 or 3 Credits)
  • Principles of Economics II (4 or 3 Credits)
  • Principles of Marketing (3 or 4 Credits)

International Business Major Curriculum:

  1. The first two years of International Business courses are in the Arts and Sciences core curriculum
  2. You will study economics, business ethics and mathematics
  3. You will take courses in English, communication, statistics and political science.
  4. Once you have a solid foundation in these areas you will be ready for more specific study of international business and management.
  5. During your third year in the International Business program you can start to specialize according to your interests and career goals.
  6. In addition to required classes you have elective options.
  7. There are many opportunities for practical experience including an internship, a study abroad course or a management practicum.
  8. The International Business Program gives you great preparation for a wide range of jobs.

Bachelor's of International Business Career Opportunities

 The bachelor's of international business is a competitive degree program that prepares graduates for careers in international trade and finance. The curriculum includes courses in accounting, marketing, and international business law, as well as language training in Spanish or French.

Graduates may work as trade specialists at customs offices and ports, financial managers for global companies, research analysts for government agencies or corporations, country managers for foreign companies, import/export managers for international distribution companies, sales representatives or customer relations management professionals who travel abroad to meet with customers or clients in their native countries.


  • A bachelor's of international business requires four years of study in a classroom environment. Students must complete 120 credit hours of coursework, including classes in accounting and finance, marketing strategies, economics and international law.
  • Students should also be prepared to spend time studying abroad as part of their coursework. This allows students to get hands-on experience working in an international environment and helps them build professional relationships with people from around the world.
  • Some schools have exchange programs with other countries so students can study abroad without leaving school grounds or traveling too far away from home (many schools offer these types of programs). 

Bachelor's in International Business Degrees Online

The bachelor's degree in international business is a specialized degree that prepares students to work in the increasingly global economy. This degree prepares students for careers in both international and domestic business.

A bachelor's of international business curriculum focuses on such topics as:

  • General Business Management — General management and leadership skills are essential to success in a global marketplace. Topics include accounting, economics, marketing, human resources management, operations management, leadership and decision-making skills.
  • International Relations — This coursework helps students understand the political factors that influence business decisions around the world. Students learn about diplomacy, foreign policy and national security strategies at home and abroad.
  • International Marketing — An international marketing course helps students understand how products are marketed abroad as well as how global corporations market their products worldwide. Students learn how to use social media effectively as well as traditional marketing strategies like advertising and public relations campaigns to promote products internationally
  • Global Financial Management — This coursework covers financial accounting methods used by multinational corporations operating around the world including currency exchange rates, international budgeting and forecasting methods used by multinational corporations operating around the world including currency exchange rates.

Earning an international business degree online can open the door to a number of rewarding career opportunities

  1. The curriculum for international business degrees may differ from traditional business courses.
  2. Students in an international business bachelor's program can gain a broad view of current global markets through a range of elective courses.
  3. Students in international business degree programs are prepared to work in a variety of careers, ranging from marketing to logistics.
  4. Students may learn about how to manage and communicate with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  5. Many international business programs provide opportunities for students to study abroad or intern.
  6. If you're interested in working with companies that operate globally, an international business degree may help you get there.

Doctoral Degrees in International Business

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you


  1. The College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in International Business to qualified students.
  2. This degree prepares students for careers in multinational firms by providing them with necessary knowledge and skills to become effective managers as well as leaders.
  3. Students are also taught about the technical, quantitative and decision making skills needed to face global challenges.
  4. Some of the topics that are included in this program include economics, accounting, marketing, finance and international business law.
  5. The college offers various majors in addition to the international business major that is offered.
  6. Some of these majors include general business administration, accounting, human resource management and information systems.
  7. If you are looking to enroll in a Bachelor's program in International Business, then make sure that you do your research first.


 Bachelor's of International Business Curriculum

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business Management is a four-year program. The curriculum focuses on developing international business management skills. It aims to prepare students to become effective leaders who can make an impact on their organizations and communities.

The BBA degree is available at the undergraduate level only. The curriculum includes courses in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management and strategy as well as international business courses. Students choose between two concentrations: 

  • Accounting/Finance/Economics - This concentration focuses on the study of financial statements and financial markets as well as macroeconomic theory and analysis. Students learn how to use financial statements to evaluate the performance of businesses, how investors make investment decisions based on market information, how interest rates are determined by central banks and how international trade affects economic growth in different countries. 

  • International Management - This concentration explores the processes involved in creating value for customers through innovation and other means such as marketing strategy development or corporate restructuring efforts. Students examine issues related to multinational corporations' strategies for entering foreign markets and managing operations overseas along with topics such as global sourcing strategies and logistics management issues that arise when companies operate internationally.


 The Bachelor of International Business degree is a pre-professional degree that prepares students for a career in international business. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in an increasingly global economy.

The program includes courses in accounting, business law and ethics, economics for global business management and research methods. Students will also learn about international business strategy formulation and implementation, managing information systems and policy analysis.

This program is ideal for those who want to pursue careers as international business managers, consultants or accountants. It can also prepare students for further study in graduate school.

International Business

  1. The Bachelor of International Business will develop your strategic management and international business knowledge in the context of contemporary global business.
  2. The degree equips you with skills to apply analytic and theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.
  3. You will build knowledge of key aspects of international business and strategic management.
  4. You will learn how to effectively use information technology to support analysis, planning and problem solving.
  5. You will gain communication skills that enable you to effectively negotiate in a range of work contexts.
  6. You will acquire intercultural awareness and the ability to work effectively with people from other cultures.
  7. This is a good degree for those interested in careers in a wide range of business activities such as finance, investment, international trade, marketing, public relations and human resource management.


  • Introduction to International Finance: This course introduces students to the main elements of international finance including foreign exchange markets, risk exposure and management, multinational corporate financing and investments. Students will gain an understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with doing international business.
  • Global Marketing Management: When companies venture beyond the borders of their home markets, they take on additional challenges in addition to the opportunities inherent in expanding their markets and gaining competitive advantages. This course is designed to explore the issues and challenges faced by marketing managers in the global marketplace. Issues relating to standardization vs. adaptation, segmentation/targeting/positioning, communication (promotion), pricing and distribution will be explored.
  • Multinational Corporate Governance: This course focuses on developing an understanding of multinational corporate governance within a theoretical, historical and ethical context. Topics covered include theoretical foundations of corporate governance; board composition, structure and roles; various forms of regulation; comparative systems; global trends; corporate reputation; ethics, transparency and accountability; ownership structures and shareholder rights; trends in corporate governance practices around the world.
  • Strategic Management in Global Markets: In this course students will apply different analytic frameworks to examine how firms from different countries have developed strategies for international operations.


  1. Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand.
  2. Macroeconomics studies economics at an aggregate level.
  3. International Economics examines economic issues that cross national boundaries.
  4. Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions teaches methods of problem solving.
  5. Managerial Accounting and Control Systems teaches students how to analyze accounting information to make better business decisions.
  6. Management Science and Operations Research introduces decision-making techniques and mathematical models to solve problems in organizations.
  7. Marketing Strategy examines strategic issues in the marketing of goods, services and ideas.
  8. Organizational Behavior and Management Theory investigates behavior within organizations.
  9. Business Law and Ethics explores legal issues that arise in the course of business activities and the ethical dilemmas managers face on a daily basis.
  10. Business Writing teaches you to write with clarity, conciseness, accuracy and persuasiveness.


  1. International business is a large, diverse field. International business major programs are offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and associate's degree levels.
  2. A bachelor's degree program in international business prepares students to work in a variety of global industries; from import/export to banking to nonprofit organizations.
  3. Earning a bachelor's degree in international business provides a strong academic foundation for individuals who dream of working for major corporations with a global presence
  4. A bachelor's degree in international business requires 120 semester credits and takes four years full-time to complete.
  5. Core courses that provide a broad overview of international business are typically required of all students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program.
  6. Students enrolled in an international business major will generally choose to focus on one area of international business.
  7. An internship or practicum is often required as the capstone project for an international business bachelor's degree program.
  8. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in an area such as international business may opt to pursue additional education by enrolling in graduate-level programs.

If you are thinking about going into international bussiness, then obtaining your bachelors is the way to go.

Risk Management and Insurance

  1. Risk management and insurance will improve your understanding of how firms manage their financial activities and make sound business decisions.
  2. Topics covered include valuation of risk and methods for measuring, managing and financing risk, as well as the use of derivatives as a tool to manage risk.
  3. The course covers various topics related to corporate finance including valuation, capital structure, cost of capital, and payout policies in detail.
  4. The course covers various topics related to corporate finance including valuation, capital structure, cost of capital, and payout policies in detail.
  5. Risk Management and Insurance (RM&I) is the study of the processes by which organizations analyze exposures to loss and take steps to reduce or transfer those exposures.
  6. This section will prepare you for your job in international business by teaching you about risk management

Colleges and Universities with International Business Programs

How to find an international business major that is perfect for you

University of Southern California

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business
  2. A major in International Business provides you with all the tools you need to navigate the global economy. Coursework includes classes in international economics, management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Enrollment in the USC Marshall School of Business allows for a broader range of coursework that can be taken to complement the required classes for this major.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Relations
  4. The International Relations degree provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of transnational issues and institutions relevant to contemporary global politics and business. Through this major, students acquire foundational knowledge on global issues including international security, international economics and trade, global governance, law and rights, social development, and global values and ideologies.
  5. At USC Marshall School of Business we offer two different paths if you want to pursue a career working internationally.

University of Pennsylvania

  1. The Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in International Business and Finance and Management focuses on the study of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
  2. Our world-class faculty, who hold positions at the Wharton School, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, Perelman School of Medicine and Law School, are committed to your personal development as a student.
  3. The Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in International Business and Finance and Management prepares students for careers in global business management by providing a strong foundation in the economic analysis of business decision making.
  4. Through classroom study, internships and student exchange programs, you will gain crucial global experience that both employers and graduate schools value.
  5. Learn more about our international business management degree programs.

Georgetown University

  1. The Bachelor's of International Business degree is an undergraduate program designed for students interested in pursuing a career in business management and/or international business.
  2. The Bachelor's of International Business degree has a multidisciplinary, intercultural foundation that prepares students to effectively manage within the global business community and provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and successfully manage organizations in today's global economy.
  3. This comprehensive program is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and understanding of principles and practices of international business management in order to pursue successful careers within the corporate sector, or as entrepreneurs.
  4. The curriculum emphasizes four main areas including international business, business management, finance and economics.
  5. Some of other areas that are covered include supply chain management, marketing and operations management.
  6. Students who complete the Bachelor's of International Business degree are prepared for careers in international business marketing, international trade policy, global finance, international human resource management, international legal issues or managing multinational corporations.
  7. The Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) is one of our most popular degrees on campus.

New York University

International Business majors at NYU Stern are entrepreneurial, innovative, and collaborative. We are a diverse group of thinkers, leaders and doers. We are global citizens who understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our international business degree is focused on developing an understanding of business concepts in a global context. It provides students with the analytical skills needed to act as effective managers and leaders in today’s complex global economy.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business offers you the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in business fundamentals while simultaneously exploring how multinational corporations operate in the global marketplace. The curriculum is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of all aspects of international business, including finance, accounting, marketing and economics as well as cultural differences that affect business decisions around the world.

The curriculum is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of all aspects of international business including finance, accounting, marketing and economics as well as cultural differences that affect business decisions around the world.

Emory University

Emory University's Bachelor of International Business (BIB) program is designed to provide students with both a comprehensive understanding of international business as well as the skills necessary to succeed in the modern global economy. The BIB degree prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields including marketing, finance, accounting and management.

The BIB curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in the principles of international business and economics. Students take courses such as Macroeconomics for International Business, International Finance, International Marketing and Management, among others. In addition to coursework, students will complete an internship during their junior year which will allow them to apply their knowledge of international business to real-world situations.

Emory University is home to one of the best international business programs in the country. The school has received numerous accolades from publications like U.S News & World Report and Forbes Magazine which have consistently ranked it among the top universities in America.

Babson College

  1. Babson College offers a variety of courses in International Business
  2. The Major in International Business (MIB) offers a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum with a global focus, preparing students to understand and operate effectively in today's global economy.
  3. The MIB Program is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore topics from different academic disciplines such as Economics and Political Science, while gaining proficiency in a second language.
  4. MIB majors are required to complete either an Internship for academic credit or a Study Abroad Program.
  5. Here at Babson College, we provide our students with excellent opportunities to prepare for the International Business world!

Cornell University

  1. Bachelor's of International Business Curriculum.
  2. Finance majors study accounting, economics and financial instruments.
  3. Management students learn about organizational behavior, managing people, business processes and quality improvement.
  4. Section: Marketing majors learn about selling products and services, building brands, understanding consumer markets and the social impact of marketing.
  5. Students can choose from one of three concentrations in international management.
  6. Required courses for all students.
  7. Students choose one of four concentrations to enhance their management skills in a specific area.
  8. Advanced electives focus on the specialized knowledge management students need in their career field.
  9. This is a list of all required courses for international business.
  10. There are many options at Cornell University to learn international business skills that will help you stand out to future employers when it comes time to enter the job market.

Carnegie Mellon University

  1. SB in International Business: You will study international business, international industrial relations and labor laws, international marketing, economics and foreign languages as well as decision analysis, organizational behavior and managerial communications.
  2. BS in Management & Marketing: The bachelor's degree for management and marketing is designed to provide you with an understanding of the theory and practice of management decision-making, production and operations management, information systems management and finance.
  3. BS in Financial Economics: The financial economics major prepares students for careers in corporate finance, investments management and financial analysis.
  4. SB in Global Management Studies: You will take courses in accounting practices around the world, multinational economics, global entrepreneurship and cultural intelligence.
  5. SB in Business Administration & Philosophy - Ethics & Policy Track: This track engages students in the philosophical foundations of ethics and policy.
  6. Bachelor's by Individual Major (BIM): BIM enables students to create individualized majors that reflect their academic interests and professional goals.
  7. The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University offers many different degree options that all meet the need for companies who deal internationally to have a knowledgeable workforce.

Boston College

  1. Boston College is a private, Jesuit university with its main campus in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It has nearly 14,000 full-time undergraduates and almost 5,000 graduate students.
  2. All of Boston College's applicants must complete a core curriculum that includes three years of math and four years of English. They recommend two years of foreign language study and four years of social science courses like history, political science and economics.
  3. The university offers more than 50 major programs including international business management degree, international business courses.
  4. The school recommends that international business majors take at least six economics-related courses (including one in applied microeconomics) and a course in the ethics of capitalism.
  5. There are also recommended classes available to students on topics like cross-cultural communication, global financial markets and international market analysis.
  6. There are many paths to an international business degree but this is one tried and true way to get one!

Washington University in St. Louis

  1. The Olin Business School offers a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business.
  2. This program is unique compared to other colleges and universities because of its emphasis on language, culture, and international experience.
  3. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for workers with international business training will grow by 14 percent between 2012 and 2022 - much faster than average.
  4. Olin’s undergraduate degree programs are highly ranked by Bloomberg BusinessWeek (No. 2) and U.S. News & World Report (No. 4) among private institutions.
  5. An international business degree from Washington University prepares students for success in the global economy.

Fordham University

  1. The Bachelor of Science in International Business program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a global environment.
  2. It offers rigorous coursework that enhances language skills and builds a strong foundation in business practices, as well as practical experiences, such as studying abroad and internships.
  3. To further enhance your understanding of international business, Fordham offers you the opportunity to strengthen your language proficiency.
  4. Economics faculty members conduct research on monetary policy, health care markets, stock market efficiency and the economics of innovation.
  5. The International Political Economy track examines the competing roles of government and private-sector actors in contemporary international economic affairs.
  6. Understanding global macroeconomic trends is an important part of any manager’s skill set.
  7. Management faculty members conduct research on marketing management, branding strategy, sales force management, social media marketing and reputation management.
  8. At Fordham University you can study International Business related topics at a high level for a Bachelor's degree.

These are some of the best colleges and universities for studying international business

There are a variety of options to get a degree or training in international business

The Bachelor's of International Business offers a degree in international business, with emphasis on the economic and social aspects of business in an international context.

Students who pursue this degree are not only interested in learning about international trade and finance, but they also want to understand how to function within different cultures and environments.

They will study topics such as international marketing, cross-cultural management and global entrepreneurship.

International business degrees are often ideal for students who have an interest in working as consultants or managers at large corporations that operate internationally. This type of degree can help students develop the skills they need to be successful in this field.

If you're considering getting an international business degree, it's important to define what type of career you'd like to pursue after college. Having a clear idea of what your goals are will help you decide if international business is right for you. If you're having trouble deciding, look at the career trends in your field or related fields. The amount of demand for certain careers may help you decide which course is best for you.