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Cryptocurrency News and Altcoin Price Analysis

Alsyd Eabidin

 Alt coin price analysis Alt currency, Bitcoin price analysis, bitcoin prediction, cryptocurrency news, crypto news, alt coins, bitcoin price analysis, fintech news, bitcoin price today We’re going to take a look at some of the lesser known cryptocurrencies on the market being developed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

Cryptocurrency News and Altcoin Price Analysis

How does this help investors? This can teach us about the trends and behavior that we can expect from certain markets. If we learn how blockchains work with other coins it will allow us to make sound investment decisions when analyzing any new coins offering. Learn how to recognize good blockchain investment opportunities while avoiding scams. 

We’ve listed over 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies and analyzed them based on 4 key measures; technology, usage, potential and risk.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

 Bitcoin Price Analysis & Outlook: BTC/USD Consolidates But Upside Break May Follow

Bitcoin has been bullish since our previous analysis, but it’s now consolidating in a range around $3,650-$3,700. We believe the bitcoin price will continue to rise from here, with a target of $4,100.

Should this happen, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies would drop by about $20 billion during such a correction. As for altcoins, they have been underperforming lately and are expected to continue doing so until there is some positive news or an altcoin rally takes place in 2020.

Our BTC/USD price prediction remains unchanged: The bulls will try to break above $3,900 and push prices higher towards our target at $4,100. This could happen in the next few weeks or months as long as there aren’t any major negative developments affecting cryptocurrencies in general or BTC specifically.

Ethereum Price Analysis

The ETH price is trading in a range against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. The price must break the $178 resistance for more upsides in the near term.

Ethereum Price Analysis – A bullish breakout in sight

Key Takeaways:

  1. ETH price remains well supported above the $170 and $168 levels against the US Dollar.
  2. There is a major bullish trend line formed with support near $170 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  3. The pair must climb above the $178 resistance or it could face a strong selling interest near $180 and $182.Key Levels:
  4. Resistance Levels: $185, $188 and $190
  5. Support Levels: $175, $170 and $165

he price may struggle to move above the recent highs at $183 and it could even correct lower towards the broken resistance at $168.

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Ripple Price Analysis

The crypto market rebounded earlier today and we can see some bullish momentum forming.

When we look at its daily chart, we can notice a rising wedge pattern. I believe that we are going to soon see a downward move toward the $2.85 level, then further decline is possible. To the upside our first resistance level is at $3.28, followed by $3.44 and $4 levels.

RSI is already in overbought territory so chances for a downward move are high as it might be time for a temporary correction. If XRP manages to break past the trendline, we could see a price surge above $3.30 but until then, prices are still trading within the rising wedge pattern to keep an eye on it.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

The Bitcoin Cash price is currently recovering against the US Dollar and bitcoin. On the upside, there are two ascending channels forming with support at $580 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. On the downside, the 100 hourly simple moving average is acting as a decent support near $580.

If there is a break below $580, the price may decline towards the $560 level in short term.

There are many positive signs for bitcoin cash price, as it is trading nicely above $580 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the upside, if there is a close above $580, the pair might continue to move higher towards $600 as long as it is above that level.

Litecoin Price Analysis

Litecoin has been one of the more stable altcoins this year. After a rough start, it has settled down and is now in a period of consolidation. The bulls have been unable to push past $56, which has acted as resistance for several months. The bears have also been unable to push the price below $43, which has acted as support for the same amount of time.

The chart below shows how far away from these levels that LTC continues to be at the moment:

As long as these levels remain intact, we expect this range bound action to continue until something fundamentally changes in either direction.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin has been trading between two important levels since early December 2018 at around $3,600-$3,800. The cryptocurrency has been unable to break above this level despite its effort to do so over the past few months.

The recent uptrend was interrupted by a strong bearish correction that started on March 8th and continued until March 11th when it reached a low of $3,079 before recovering quickly back above $3,300 again yesterday evening (March 11th). However we could still see some weakness ahead of us today as well as over next couple days as well due to large sell orders placed by traders who bought into last Friday’

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