Can The Cause Of Acne Be Linked To Diet //
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Can The Cause Of Acne Be Linked To Diet

Alsyd Eabidin

 There has been constant debate regarding the role of diet in causing acne. Studies have shown that persons sensitive to the hormone progesterone should avoid all dairy products because they can cause acne flare-up. These studies point to male hormones found in foods such as wheat germs, organ meats, and diary products. Will these symptoms last for the rest of life?

Can The Cause Of Acne Be Linked To Diet

High in iodine foods, shellfish, leafy vegetables including spinach and cabbage, and peanuts are other potential problem foods. If you have an acne problem, experiment with your diet. If you crave certain foods that may aggravate this problem curtail consumption to see it there really is a difference in acne activity

If you find that you are particularly sensitive to certain foods, which could be soft drinks, chocolates, sweets, candy etc, even small amounts of them can make a difference – so be careful.

It is a myth that acne is caused by dirt – it’s more likely a build up of oil secreted by the skin which attracts bacteria. It is suggested that an antibacterial soap will help with regular use. Also, those with longer hair should wash it regularly as this can lead to more oil on the face.

What About Stress?

Acne comes second only to premature aging in the charts for skin disease. If you are a sufferer you will likely be aware that flare ups will always occur before a special event. You can put all the blame on testosterone produced by the adrenal glands which are trying to help you deal with the stress of that interview, wedding or important presentation.

This skin disorder can be controlled but not cured. Mild cases may be helped, in varying degrees, by over-the-counter medications, but many cases will require treatment by a physician.

Not all cases call for a medical expert. An occasional pimple or blackhead can be dealt with by an over the counter topical serum or cream with antibacterial properties.

These should be used for at least six weeks to discover if it is working for you unless there is an adverse reaction or sensitivity. Follow the instructions and give it a chance.

There are more drastic medical procedures available that can clear blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. It won’t prevent the next batch, though.

Never squeeze or pick acne. This will only aggravate the condition and could leave scarring. To try and lessen the chance of those lesions appearing in the first place, do not use greasy cream to clean your face – antibacterial soap and water are best.