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The 5 Best Project Management Software Tools for Mac

Alsyd Eabidin

The best project management software can be a life-saver, especially when you’re working on large projects or in teams with lots of moving parts. If you’re looking to make your life easier (and more organized) without breaking the bank, you’ll want to look into these five awesome project management software tools that are both intuitive and affordable. They might just be the best thing to happen to your work flow in a long time!

The 5 Best Project Management Software Tools for Mac

1) Microsoft Project

This is a desktop software application that can help you plan, manage and report on your projects. One of its main benefits is that it’s compatible with Microsoft Office applications, so as long as you’re working in Word or Excel (or even Outlook), your projects are available from within these programs. Microsoft Project also comes with templates to help get you started on specific types of projects. It’s designed for bigger companies but is also good for freelancers or small businesses.

2) Apple iWork for Mac

Apple iWork is built into macOS and is free to download. It allows you to create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. In order to use iWork on multiple devices, however, you must pay a subscription fee of $14.99 per month. You can also sync your files with iCloud or Dropbox. The cost of using iCloud depends on how much storage space you need—$0.99 per month for 20GB or $3.99 per month for 200GB—but it’s worth noting that Google Drive offers 15GB of storage space at no cost if you want to sync files across multiple devices without paying anything extra.

3) Trello

You may have heard of Trello from your favorite blogger or through various social media platforms. It’s widely considered one of the best project management tools available for both desktop and mobile users. The app allows you to create boards to keep projects organized and can even be integrated with other third-party applications such as Asana, Slack, Evernote, and JIRA. The app is currently free with premium plans starting at $9 per month.

4) Asana

Asana is one of my favorite project management software tools. It’s free for up to 15 people on your team and gets an average of 4.5 stars on G2 Crowd. A lot of users love how visual it is, and how easy it is to use project templates that are already built by Asana experts.

5) Basecamp

Basecamp is one of our top picks for project management software. It was created by 37Signals, a web development company based in Chicago, Illinois. Although it’s only available as a web app, there is an iOS and Android app that lets you view and comment on projects while on-the-go. Basecamp has been praised by tech experts worldwide due to its simple, yet powerful features that enable collaboration within teams and project management of just about anything.