Popularizing Growth Of Unity In Family Fitness //
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Popularizing Growth Of Unity In Family Fitness

Alsyd Eabidin

Family fitness and exercise should become as natural an activity in a family as eating is Since time immemorial, families have often placed a portrait with wordings ‘A family that prays together stays together’. Well more can be said about a family that stays fit together.

Popularizing Growth Of Unity In Family Fitness

It is very sad that not many people take fitness seriously though the truth of the matter is, it is vital. Spending twenty minutes going for a jog with your family should be done routinely or cycling in the park. Though it might seem boring at first, with time it will become a lifestyle.

Gone are the days where people ate healthy food all day. Deep fried food, full of fat, is what we all go for. Honestly though, we dream of, this food because they are just delicious. They, however, do cause more harm than good to us in the long run. After a scrumptious meal of barbecue and some beer for the older generation, a walk would do the whole family justice.

Despite its uncommonness, family fitness should be done willingly. It has a lot of pros and might help families in a couple of areas.

Improve family bond

Families in this modern day rarely have much time to spend together. Our busy lifestyles have left us detached and grow apart. An hour’s walk would do justice in bringing back the bond and memories as you walk together catching up. Researchers from Harvard have indicated that families that spend time exercising grow 34% closer.

Deter diseases

Diabetes has been a killer disease since long ago, but in the last ten or so years, it has swept away people immensely. Proper exercise and fitness can, however eradicate fully or deter its complications. By carrying out family fitness exercises and eating healthy, a family will deal with many illnesses.

Family image

Ever watched a movie featuring a family that has a very strong connection and bond and wish yours was just like that? Well, you can achieve that simply by staying fit together. People envy families that have that strong bond so try walking into the gymnasium with your children and husband and I’m sure you will be the envy of the town and everyone will want to be just like you.

Begin a culture

There is a saying that states ‘how you bring up a baby is how he will grow’. Well, the same applies here. If you bring up your children fit and showing them the importance of staying healthy and of family fitness, be sure they will pass it on to their children and generations to come.

Obesity has become a major concern and it is so sad seeing a whole family obese. It is best to give such families, advice on family fitness and healthy eating. This way we will eradicate such life threatening illnesses and live as a healthy person. It is better to be healthy and there is no better way to do it than through family fitness.